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DIY African Safari

When you choose to go it alone

The easiest route to a good African Safari experience is through a reputable tour operator, but at times you can make your own safari arrangements; booking the flights and lodges a la carte. It has become increasingly easier to book with individual lodges, even remote ones, through e-mail. At Khanga Safaris, we can help you plan every aspect of your DIY Safari.

How it works

Choose/Create Your Itinerary

Book Your Accommodation

Get a Safari Vehicle and Guide

Go on Your DIY Safari

What determines the cost of your safari?

Your Accommodation

Accommodation usually makes up the bulk of your safari's cost, so where you stay has the biggest impact on your budget.

Your Travel Dates & Time

Every destination has low, high and busy peak seasons. Rates can vary and be as much as double the low season rates.

Your Destinations

Each destination you add to your itinerary increases the price of your safari because of the transport involved.

Your Group Size

The size of your group determines your transport costs; it can be cheaper to hire a vehicle with an optional driver/guide.

How can we help you?

Itinerary Design

This is the backbone of your safari. Based on your interests and travel dates, we'll use our knowledge of the safari destinations to help you craft a safari itinerary that meets your requirements, for FREE.

Accommodation Choices

We know which hotels and lodges offer the best value for money across all your safari destinations, and these are the ones we'll recommend and advise you accordingly on, for FREE.

Airport Transfers

Upon your arrival in Kenya, our driver will be waiting for you at JKIA-Nairobi to transfer you direct to your hotel in Nairobi. Our Nairobi Airport Transfer services are 100% reliable and affordable.

Safari Vehicle and Guide

In as much as you can drive yourself during your DIY Safari, it's great to have someone experienced drive and guide you around; it gives you deeper insights into Kenyan culture and wildlife.

Ready to go it alone?

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